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Cope Payments

Financial institutions need to lower costs by increasing automation while protecting investments in the legacy applications that process financial messages. Star Automated Routing underpins the integration required in today’s volatile business and technology environment. Its service-oriented architecture (SOA) can be configured as an internal message hub within an organisation and as a gateway between external applications and networks. Star is designed to run on the NonStop platform and takes advantage of the fault tolerant capabilities of this hardware to provide the highest commercial availability on the market today.

Features at a glance

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Universal Benefits

Cope Payments brings multiple benefits to the transaction services business. Its comprehensive range of connectivity options to industry clearing and settlement facilities allows support for a diverse range of payment services, in turn allowing much greater opportunity for new product design and deployment. The flexibility of the architecture reduces the time-to-market for new products and services and a comprehensive charging, commission and billing subsystem provides a highly flexible range of revenue collection facilities.


The extensive database is specifically designed to increase the percentage of straight through payments which will reduce costs and optimise transaction profitability. A wide range of enquiry and reporting facilities enhance transaction visibility and control which leads to a reduction in processing errors, enhances the customer service proposition and aids the management of risk.

The application and technology platform have together been designed for online, real-time transaction processing at significant volumes and incorporate full fault tolerance within the standard architecture. The integration of all payment services in a single, integrated system provides the opportunity to both reduce costs and enhance production management.

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