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Star Global Messaging

The ability to send and receive financial messages is a vital part of the day to day operations of any financial organisation. Star Global Messaging provides a secure and reliable messaging infrastructure for all SWIFT messaging including FIN MT and MX messaging, bulk file transfer via FileAct, Relationship Management via InterAct and is designed to accommodate future services. Star offers you the opportunity to achieve a competitive total cost of ownership by using a single strategic SWIFT integration solution.

Features at a glance

STAR Global Messaging.jpeg

Universal Benefits

Star Global Messaging used in conjunction with the capabilities of Star Automated Routing provides a truly comprehensive global message processing hub incorporating a full service direct connection to SWIFT that is guaranteed to be compatible with all current and future SWIFT message formats and services. You can leverage your investment by using the high availability and total scalability of the system to offer in-sourcing or white-labelling services to other institutions.

The ability to scale the configuration in accordance with projected traffic growth without the need for software changes allows Operations to plan service upgrades more easily, which consequently allows business units more freedom to conduct sales campaigns without fear of delivery constraints. The concentration of message processing into a single global hub reduces transaction unit costs and increases per-unit productivity.

The application and technology platform have been designed for online, real-time transaction processing at considerable volumes and incorporate full fault tolerance within the standard architecture. The integration of all global financial messaging services in a single, integrated system provides the opportunity to both reduce costs and enhance production management.

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