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Domestic and Retail Banking

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Two core requirements drive the provision of your domestic consumer banking services: the ability to deliver services to a high volume mass market, and the ability to differentiate products and services through business and technological innovation. These abilities are influenced by your responsiveness to industry initiatives, your ever more demanding and informed client base and your need to comply with stringent national and international regulations.


Account management and transaction services are the bedrock of retail banking. Recent years have seen a step change in the nature of these services along with a steady increase in regulation and a sharpened focus on the security and integrity of the services and the institutions providing them. From telephone banking through internet banking to mobile banking; from credit cards through debit cards to contactless payments; this is a fast moving and competitive sector.


With the Payment Services Directive and SEPA, KYC and AML legislation, and the emergence of same-day ACH payment systems and regional direct debit initiatives, your need for a world-class, enterprise-wide financial message and payments hub has never been greater. An integrated system that has volume scalability, is resilient, secure and able to provide direct, certified connectivity to a wide variety of national clearing and settlement systems is now a minimum requirement.

Software Integrators’ long-term relationship with a rapidly-expanding US financial institution has led to extensive experience in meeting the needs of a large-scale retail bank in one of the worlds most diverse and demanding markets. Our solution has enabled the bank to implement product enhancements quickly, while maintaining a reliable, secure environment with linear scalability and ready access to external industry networks.

We look forward to working with you to create your customised solution.

At the core of the solution is Star Automated Routing coupled with Star Global Messaging. This combination incorporates a powerful rules-based engine and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), enabling intelligent processing of transactions and supporting the transmission and receipt of financial messages across both private and public networks, and including a high-performance certified gateway to SWIFT.

With the addition of Cope Payments you have a world-class fully integrated retail and wholesale payments hub to support the domestic and international payment needs of your entire organisation.

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